BB Code Plugin – AngularJS

One of my many websites has quite a nice interface – a hybrid, a mixture of plain old school HTML and CSS, but has also a quite dynamic part, provided with AngularJS.

After some thoughts I decided to provide for that website a small extension, so the users can format their texts with some simple BB code.
Why BB? Simple, almost everyone knows what BB code is and it is much safer to use than just plain HTML code snippets. The plain HTML can mess with your code, break your website and even steal user information, if used sneaky.
BB on the other hand not – you, or to be specific, the programmer is the one dictating the rules. Users can’t break or bend them that easily, simply because every snippet is predefined.

That’s why I created AngularJS – BBcode – an easy to use and modular BBcode extension for AngularJS. Of course it’s not the final version yet – updates are coming soon.

Can be found on my GitHub, here.