B.J. Blazkowicz in Hell

So Doom’s twitter-page made up a challenge yesterday with the words “Photoshop something into this to make it even more awesome” and a pretty neat Doom picture.
Sadly I was apparently 18 hours late for the Doom-Challenge.

But nevertheless I thought it would be a good practice for me, I could refresh my GIMP-skillz again and participated. Continue reading B.J. Blazkowicz in Hell

Huge performance improvements!

Lately I have been working a lot on www.KFZ-Schlachter.de and the improvements are astonishing!
The updated version of the website is multiple times faster and is loading faster then it’s competing website on mobile and desktop. Continue reading Huge performance improvements!

Execute GUI programs as root under Linux (Fedora 26)

If you ever needed to run programs with a GUI, like nautilus/gedit/etc., as an administrator under Linux it was fairly easy, but now things slightly changed and you are not able to run them as it used to be… Continue reading Execute GUI programs as root under Linux (Fedora 26)

Access the Raspberry Pi via USB and SSH (OTG)

Since the Raspberry Pi Zero is a very handy small device which you can take everywhere you want.
A big HDMI screen, a mouse and a keyboard on the other hand not. But even without a screen or any other peripherals it is possible to access and manage the Raspberry Pi Zero… And even with Windows… Continue reading Access the Raspberry Pi via USB and SSH (OTG)